What makes us different

What makes us different?

Yes, you read it correctly. Our customers are the ones who make us different.

Our model and vision to provide a customer centric product is what stands us out. From being available 24/7, enabling digital waiters that take half of your man power, to onboarding you within a few minutes without any hassles - is our forte. We strive for your success and in your success lies ours

FleetOrder Works On

Fleetorder works on windows

Fleetorder works on mac
Fleetorder works on linux
Fleetorder works on andriod

FleetOrder Core Features

  • Billing
  • KOT
  • Reports
  • Contactless Dining

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Supported Outlet Types

It is designed for all F&B Outlets of any type

  • 1. Dine-in
  • 2. QSR
  • 3. Food Truck
  • 4. Bakery
  • 5. Pubs/Bars
  • 6. Cafes
  • 7. Cinema Theaters
  • 8. Hotels
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Integration with online food aggregators

Easy way to integrate

Manage all your online orders at one place with FleetOrder POS.

Fleetorder food aggregated with swiggy
Fleetorder food aggregated with zomato
Fleetorder food aggregated with dunzo

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we support for all business use case in F&B industry. If you have any queries call to our support our experts will help you out.

Yes, you can send KOT print to kitchen with any type of printer orelse you can manage your KOT orders digital instead of paper print using our FleetOrder KDS (Kitchen Display System).

Yes, we do support for franchise, you can manage all your outlets by accessing Monthly, Daily, Yearlys Reports from one place.

No, Contactless Dining is not seperate. FleetOrder POS is included with Billing, KOT, Reports, Accounts, Managing Promotional Offers, Managing Your Digital Menu as well as Contactless Dining, etc.

Yes, For outlets in india we have only Yearly subscription. Other countries outside india we have yearly as well as monthly subscription.

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